Price List


Special invitation by the U.S. Government to perform in the U.S. Pavillion of Expo '92 at Seville Spain, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America.

Special presentation for Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The White House. Washington, D.C.

Bank of Inter-American Development. Washington, D.C.

Florida Folklife Festival. Headliners for four consecutive years.
White Springs, FL.

Annual Conference of the Council of State Governments of the U.S.
Orlando, FL.

The Florida Foreign Language Association.
Orlando, FL.

AATSP-American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.
Orlando, FL.

AATSP-Georgia Conference.
Macon, GA.

FFFL-Florida Foreign Language Association,
Orlando, FL.

Participation in a series of concerts with the National Orchestra of Spain, the José Greco Dance Company and concert guitarrist Manuel Barruecos.
Palm Beach, FL.

III Hispanic Heritage Celebration Festival.
Palm Beach, FL.

Museum of The Louvre: Five Hundred Years of French Fashion.
Henry Flagler Museum.
Palm Beach, FL.

Fiesta de España Festival. Headliners for four consecutive years.
St. Augustine, FL.

Mastercard. International Convention. Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
Naples, FL.

Leukemia National Association.
Tampa, FL.

IN CONCERT. Prime Osborne III Theatre of the Performing Arts.
Jacksonville, FL.

Program for the management of the Adolf Coors Company.
Coral Gables, FL.

Metro-Dade Public Library System.
Miami, FL.

Headliners for the inauguration of Bayside Shopping Center.
Miami, FL.

Three Calle Ocho Festivals.
Miami, FL.

WANG Computers.
Miami, FL.

Samsung Computers.
Miami, FL.

VISA. International Convention.
Miami, FL.

CAÑAVERAL IN CONCERT. Dade County Auditorium.
Miami, FL.

CAÑAVERAL IN CONCERT. Gusman Theatre of the Performing Arts.
Miami, FL.

City of Miami Book Fair.
Miami, FL.

Three one hour special programs for PBS. Miami, FL.

Hispanic Heritage.
Cha-Cha, Merengue y Amor.
Bolero: The Unforgettable Love Song. (Co-Producers)

20 Concerts at the Broward Theatre of the Performing Arts.
Broward County, Florida

I Hispanic American Festival of Utah.
V Hispanic American Festival of Utah.
Salt Lake City, UT.

XI New Orleans Latin Song Festival. Theatre of the Performing Arts.
New Orleans, LA.

II New York Annual Song Festival.
New York, NY.

San Antonio Telethon. Univision.
San Antonio, TX.

Twenty-five concerts in Israel.
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Golan Heights.

Special presentation for the "Rincón Guaraní".
Madrid, Spain.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

"Carnaval en Punta Cana". Telemundo.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Presentation for Paraguayan Airlines.
México, D.F.

Annual Convention of AMWAY.
México. D.F.


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