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From its inception in September of 1985:

Grupo CAÑAVERAL has directed its efforts into preserving the best of the Hispanic American musical repertoire. It is our believe that one of the most interesting vehicles to learn about a culture is the music it produces. For this reason we have chosen selections that are meaningful, and enriching, and that emphasize a different aspect of Hispanic American culture.

Grupo CAÑAVERAL is concerned with the Hispanic American image worldwide. The media usually portrays Hispanic Americans either as superficial, racy fun-lovers or as poverty-ridden hoodlums. We would like to contribute that which is intellectual, sensitive and positive in our cultural makeup.

Grupo CAÑAVERAL wants to address content and sensitivity issues. It is our goal to represent all Hispanic Americans and their music. We are the alternative to "commercial" radio stations and record shops which tend to mirror each other and therefore offer mainly Mexican or Caribbean dance music excluding other Hispanic groups from their programming or inventory.

Grupo CAÑAVERAL offers a point of departure for further research into this culturally enriching music. Each one of our albums is available in CD's and each one has its lyrics and activity book to provide supplementary study material for the Bilingual, ESOL and Multicultural Education classroom.


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“La música es cultura.” 
“Conocer nuestra cultura es conocernos a nosotros mismos.”

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