Grupo CAÑAVERAL-Grupo CANAVERAL Teaching Hispanic culture through its music since 1985!

“Every Spanish teacher should have the opportunity to hear Grupo Cañaveral's lectures on Hispanic music and culture. It was rich in content, informative and so much fun!” María Escobar, Educator, Georgia

Grupo CAÑAVERAL offers several workshops and inservices for educators, librarians, students and related institutions which analyze the development of Hispanic American culture through its music. 

These workshops, available at all educational levels, will give students and teachers alike, a panoramic view of all the influences that shaped this fascinating part of the world.

Geography, history and social issues as well as politics, folk instruments, lyrics and dancing are brought together in these inter-diciplinary workshop, that have as their goal to provide multi-cultural awareness and the fulfillment of the Standards of Foreign Language Learning. 

The workshops fall into three categories as follows:

NOTE: These workshops target culture through music.  The content is multi-cultural, inter-disciplinary and for non-musicians. Therefore it is not a requirement to be musically trained in order to understand the concepts included.

Category #1 Traditional Hispanic American Music

Workshop 1: 
Grades 3-5 - Specifications

Workshop 2:
Grades 6-12 - Specifications

Workshop 3:
Colleges and Universities - Specifications


Category #2 Traditional Hispanic American Music

Workshop 4:
For secondary school educators, higher education professors, colleges and university students of foreign languages, and students of bilingual and foreign language education. Specifications


Category #3 Traditional Hispanic American Children's Music

Workshop 5:
For elementary school educators, college and university students of foreign languages, and students of multi-cultural, bilingual, ESOL, and foreign language education. Secifications


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“La música es cultura.” 
“Conocer nuestra cultura es conocernos a nosotros mismos.”

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